Hello Again: Recycling for the Real World
October 24, 1994 - January 7, 1995

Recycling is becoming part of our daily routine, and consumers are enthusiastically buying products made from recycled materials. Hello Again! Recycling for the Real World presents a selection of remarkable products made from recycled and reused materials. Practical, appealing, and often amusing, these products are not only marketable but inspire further creativity.

Recycling cannot be separated from the need to reduce the overall volume of trash. We must use less and reuse more of what we consume in the first place. With our landfills at their limit and rubbish accumulating steadily, old manufacturing processes are being reinvented and revived – and new ones are being put into practice.

Growing numbers of individuals and institutions are committed to improving “waste management habits.” Major corporations see that it is good business to recycle. Communities are demanding disposal systems. Schools are educating their students to be more environmentally responsible.

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology is proud to take part in furthering the awareness and practice of recycling. This is an important element of the broader mandate we all share to become stewards of our earth.

Dorothy Twining Globus, Director
[Exhibition Wall Text edited for length]