Symposium Video

 DAY 1 

Dr. Joyce F. Brown – Opening remarks

Dr. Valerie Steele – A Queer History of Fashion

James Gager – “MAC: All Ages, All Races, All Sexes”

Prof. Christopher Breward – “Couture as Queer Auto/Biography”

John Bartlett – “My Life as a Gay Designer”

Dr. Monica L. Miller – “All Hail the Q.U.E.E.N.: Janelle Monae and A Tale of the Tux”

Fran Lebowitz and Valerie Steele in conversation

Kevin Sessums – “The World was Safer Sitting Under my Grandmother’s Singer Sewing Machine: A Sissy’s Remembrance of a Boyhood Filled with Butterick Patterns and Bouffant Palaver”

Vicki Karaminas – “‘Born This Way’: Lesbian Style Since the Eighties”

Liz Collins – “Art Dykes and Hag Fags: An Insider’s View of Queer Style Icons”

Hal Rubenstein – “Do Gay Clothes Have More Fun?”

 DAY 2 

Randolph Trumbach – “Man-Milliners and Macaronis: Clothes, Same-Sex Desire, and the 18th-Century Origins of the Modern Sexual System”

Elizabeth Wilson – “What Does a Lesbian Look Like?”

Dr. Deirdre Clemente – “Life in the Closet: Deconstructing Liberace’s Wardrobe”

Shaun Cole – “Queerly Visible: Gay Men, Dress, and Style 1990-2013”

Jonathan D. Katz – “Queer Self-Fashioning”

Ralph Rucci – “The Greatest Gay Fashion Designers”

Reina Lewis – “Out of the Closet and Into the Wardrobe”

Joel Sanders – “Closet Space: Philip Johnson, Paul Rudolph and the Runway”